GMS shows devices as being blocked after upgrade

  • 7022522
  • 08-Jan-2018
  • 09-Jan-2018


GroupWise Mobility Service 18


After upgrading from GMS 2014 to GMS 18, the mobility dashboard shows that the devices are blocked.  This is the symptom of an expired or bad license.  In checking the log files, it showed this

2018-01-03 14:26:34.335 ERROR [GroupWiseLicenseMonitor_Thread]
[gwLicenseMonitor:178] [userID:] [eventID:] [objectID:]
[GroupWiseLicenseMonitor] Verify that the Mobility service and GroupWise Admin
service point to the same GroupWise system. Mobility users could not be found
with GroupWise Admin service. Device are blocked until resolved.


The user shown in the GMS configuration was no longer in the GroupWise system.  Changing this to be an active user and restarting GMS has resolved the issue.


The user specified in the GMS configuration for address book lookup no longer existed in the GroupWise system.