How to get GroupWise Messenger 18 working with Active Directory.

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  • 05-Jan-2018
  • 05-Jan-2018


GroupWise Messenger 18


This is an example of configuration for Active Directory. You can follow similar steps for eDir.


At this moment you cannot add new LDAP server to the configuration manually. That is not supported yet. So if you have created any LDAP server in a messenger section manually, please, delete it.
You will need to utilize LDAP servers defined in a GW system. Here are steps to follow:

1. Login into gwadmin console and in System -> LDAP servers you shall see a definition for the Active Directory that you created for your GW users imported/linked to the Active Directory. In that AD profile you shall see at a bottom "Sync Domain" and there shall be one domain selected which would process sync cycles.

2. On that domain -> MTA object -> LDAP tab. Enable LDAP but be careful in a port value if this default 389 is not already assigned & used on the particular host (netstat -ntpl | grep 389 shall be empty before you start). In that page enable also Messenger Synchronization. You will need to restart gwadmin service to get MTA LDAP service active on defined port. The gwadmin service requires some time till all ports get active so wait for LDAP port being listed as listening.

3. Now, go back to System -> LDAP servers -> your AD LDAP entry and click on "Sync" -> monitor MTA logs (Verbose) and that shall list a successful LDAP connection to AD and syncing users from AD.

4. Once this is done, go to Messenger -> MessengerService -> LDAP Severs. Here you shall now see auto-populated LDAP entry from a GW system. The name would be anything like "<domain name>_LDAP", where <domain name> is a name of the domain where you enabled LDAP on its MTA.

5. Make sure that the setting in Messenger -> MessengerService -> Settings tab -> Account Management has selected <domain>_LDAP as default LDAP server and you have activated also a check-box "Automatically create and delete accounts for GroupWise Users".

6. If you do not see messenger users auto-populated from the GroupWise system now .. you can click on <domain>_LDAP entry -> Synchronize Now" which shall populate users from a GW system (that were imported from AD into a GW system) into Messenger system.