"The remote procedure call failed" installing iPrint printer with Dell Open Print Driver

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  • 04-Jan-2018
  • 11-Jan-2018


Open Enterprise Server with iPrint
iPrint Appliance


Installing an iPrint printer to a Windows 10 workstation with the Dell Open Print Driver associated results in the following error:
Micro Focus iPrint
Printer ipp://<address>/ipp/<printerName> failed to install:
The remote procedure call failed.


Use an alternative print driver.  The model printer does not need to match the model of driver.  Also, the manufacturer does not need to match the printer type.  For example, the HP Universal Print driver or Xerox Global Print driver can work with a Dell printer.  The primary function of a printer driver is to render a file into a printer language (PostScript, PCL, etc).  Those languages are standard across manufacturers.  Test different drivers until you find the one which best matches your end user printing needs.


The remote procedure call failed error is a generic error returned when the Windows Print Spooler has crashed.  The crash analysis shows that the crash is in a module provided by the Dell Open Printer Driver: dellopd.ui.dll

This issue will need to be addressed by Dell.