Getting started with DRA's PowerShell module

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  • 21-Dec-2017
  • 05-Apr-2018


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 9.x


Can operations be performed within PowerShell?
Is there a PowerShell interface for DRA?
How does the PowerShell module get configured?
How can PowerShell help manage my environment?


When downloading the installer for DRA, there is an additional installer labeled "DRARESTExtensionInstaller.EXE". This is the installer for REST Services which includes the REST Console (Web Console) and the PowerShell module. When running the installer be sure to include PowerShell Extensions with what is being installed. The only requirement for PowerShell is having PowerShell 4.0 or newer installed on the server. Once installed, the module may not already be loaded, so open PowerShell and enter the following cmd:
Import-Module NetIQ.DRA.PowerShellExtensions
The module is now loaded. If the cmd returned an error, then PowerShell already has the module loaded.


PowerShell can be used to manage DRA, as the cmds that are entered will carry out any process requested as long as the parameters have been entered properly. PowerShell can be used to manage objects within DRA and view a list of attributes for an object instead of clicking through pages and tabs within either the Win 32 or Web Console.
PowerShell can be used to manage parts of DRA such as Exchange, Skype services, advanced query management, and general object management. The PowerShell module is able to retrieve information about the domain, find objects within DRA, and add a workflow process event.
PowerShell uses scripted operations in order to complete tasks. This can lead to rather quick management of DRA as the scripts can be saved and used again as a template for similar operations. The PowerShell module can also be utilized by Workflow Automation (formerly Aegis).

Additional Information

PowerShell requires network access to a DRA Server running both the DRA REST and DRA HOST Service. PowerShell will interact with DRA in the context of the Assistant Admin running the PowerShell cmds. The version of DRA REST used to install the PowerShell module must match the version of DRA Server.
PowerShell will act upon DRA in the context of the user that is running the PowerShell session. This user needs the appropriate power within DRA, in order to carry out the operation from PowerShell. If a user does not have the power to create a new user within DRA, they will not have the power to create a new user in PowerShell either. End users are only able to carry out operations in PowerShell that abide by the powers they have within DRA. PowerShell is a way to utilize DRA via command-line interface.