Users are able to see mobile phone numbers on contact details despite this setting being enabled

  • 7022489
  • 20-Dec-2017
  • 25-Jan-2018


GroupWise 2014 R2 Support Pack 2


Steps to duplicate:

1. Have a user with eDir user object association, for instance.

2. In iManager add the "mobile" user object attribute to one of the users and define his new mobile phone number.

3. Let the MTA sync with the eDir.

4. Although "Mobile Number" field is not enabled in the "Address Book" tab of a domain, users can see still his mobile number at:
a) Summary as SMS field
b) Advanced in Mobile Phone field

This has been tested the same with GW18 backend and:

1. The gw18 client does not show mobile phone field in any place, i.e. what customer wants.

2. Using 2014 R2 client build 129300 against the GW18 backend, the client still shows a mobile number of a contact.


This issue has been resolved in FTF builds for both GroupWise 2014 R2 and GroupWise 18.  Please open a service request and ask for the build necessary for your system.