Error 0xFFFFF965 when logging in after computer lock

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  • 20-Dec-2017
  • 20-Dec-2017


Micro Focus Client for OES SP4 (IR7a)


Some users get a message that the connection to the network was lost when they try to unlock the computer.

The NCCred provider log shows the following:

NCCredProvider-1614][11:58:51.505] CNetwork::NetworkVerifyCredentials() - returned 0xFFFFF965

[NCCredProvider-1614][11:58:51.505] [1] CCredential::Connect() - m_networkResult = 0xFFFFF965

[NCCredProvider-1614][11:58:51.505] [1] CCredential::Connect network failure case calling RemoveProcessScope.

Users need to use the Windows password to unlock the computer.


Remove the unnecessary eDirectory replica from the NetWare server.


A replica was left on an old NetWare server. When the OES Client queries eDirectory to resolve the user name and get the information about the server to send the NMAS query, the address of the NetWare server was sent and used by the OES client, resulting in the failure.

Additional Information

A LAN trace taken on failing scenarios and working one, showed that in the working case scenario, the NMAS query was sent to an OES Linux server, while in the failing one, the NMAS query was sent to a NetWare server.