How to enable auto-start of new groupwise-tomcat8 on SLES12.

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  • 19-Dec-2017
  • 19-Dec-2017


GroupWise 18


After a reboot of a server, WebAccess is not running.


In GW18 we have introduced new apache-tomcat8 combo that replaces previous apache and tomcat combination.
New service is called grpwise-tomcat8 and that is not enabled to auto-start after a server reboot. You can verify a status from a terminal window:
chkconfig --list
There is a difference between SLES12 SP2 and SP3 how to enable it. On SP2 you can enable it by following command:
chkconfig --level 35 groupwise-tomcat8 on
You can verify this with "chkconfig --list" again to see that on runlevel 3 and 5 the service is ON.
On SP3, the same trick does not work. You will need to create symbolic links manually in corresponding /etc/init/d/rcX.d directory. Example for rc5.d:
cd /etc/init.d/rc5.d
ln -s ../grpwise-tomcat8 S50grpwise-tomcat8
ln -s ../grpwise-tomcat8 K50grpwise-tomcat8