"Command exited with status 1" installing iPrint for OES

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  • 12-Dec-2017
  • 14-Dec-2017


iPrint for OES 2015 SP1
iPrint for OES 2018


The following error is returned when running the install for the iPrint for OES add on:
Command exited with status 1


Click the OK button.  Contact Micro Focus support.  Reference this TID and an configure-iprint-mobility.sh script will be delivered to you.  Running the script will resolve the problem.

chmod +x configure-iprint-mobility.sh

sh configure-iprint-mobility.sh

The script will complete the iPrint for OES installation.


During install of the iPrint add-on, a check is performed to validate that a process with the Tomcat user is running.  If a process with the Tomcat user is running, the install stops as the install mistakenly assumes that the iPrint for OES service is already running. This can happen when Gwava or any other service running with the Tomcat user is installed on the same server.