Security vulnerability with Identity Server allows remote code execution on system - CVE-2017-14803 and ZDI—CAN-5087

  • 7022443
  • 08-Dec-2017
  • 12-Mar-2018


Access Manager 4.3
Access Manager 4.4
Access Manager Identity Server
Connector Toolkit


A bug exists in Identity Server when accessing a basic SSO connector and downloading the BasicSSO connector plugins on IE11 where an attacker can execute arbitrary code on the system.


Fixed in NAM 4.3.3 and NAM 4.4.0 HF1 patches.

For those on earlier 4.3 builds that want to workaround the issue, one can modify the IDP web.xml file and remove the following entry:


Special thanks to rgod and kimiya working with Trend Micro's Zero Day
Initiative for responsibly disclosing this information.


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