Editing a file using Vibe Add-In for MS Office against a Mirrored Folder in Vibe 4.x fails

  • 7022434
  • 05-Dec-2017
  • 05-Dec-2017


Micro Focus Vibe 4.0.3
Micro Focus Vibe 4.0.2
Novell Vibe 4.0.1
Novell Vibe 4.0


When Vibe Add-In for MS Office is in use against a Vibe 4.x server and a user tries to edit a file which is stored in a Mirrored Folder inside Vibe, then the edit fails while saving the file from Add-In. The file gets stuck in pending changes on the Add-In menu and never gets uploaded to the server.


A fix for this issue is available for Vibe 4.0.3 - Patch 1. Please contact Micro Focus Customer Care with reference to this TID for further assistance.