Saving changes to Excel files in Filr folders can lead to 0KB files

  • 7022427
  • 04-Dec-2017
  • 12-Dec-2017


Micro Focus Filr 3.2
Micro Focus Filr Desktop client for Windows


Filr Desktop client users making and saving changes to Excel files (.xlsx or .xls) in Filr folders, may encounter a rare condition where the save operation results in additional files to show up in their Filr folder that are 0KB in size. The temporary files have the same name as the original Excel file name but with 0KB size.

Further, these temporary 0KB files are not synchornized back to the Filr server and remain as local files on the end user's system inside the Filr folder where they were originally generated. If the user tries to open these files, or delete them they are presented with access denied errors such as:

Cannot access read-only document 'C:\Users\jdoe\Filr\My Files\folder1\123.xlsx'

You'll need to provide administrator permission to delete this file:
'C:\Users\jdoe\Filr\My Files\folder1\123.xlsx'

The only way to clean-up these 0KB files is by re-installing the Filr Desktop client for the user.


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 3.3 Update. The fix will prevent creation of such 0KB files, however any files currently in this state will need to be cleaned up by re-installing the Filr Desktop client.


Mismatching number of open and close operations which lead to non execution of delete command on all temporary files.

Additional Information

See also: Another similar issue that may occur when using MS Excel with Filr, TID 7021137 - Filr Desktop client leaves behind tmp files that cannot be opened or removed.