Drive mappings appear at the root of the drive

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  • 01-Dec-2017
  • 01-Dec-2017


Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4


Drive mappings are all mapped to the root of the volume instead of the correct subdirectory, as defined in the MAP commands of the login script. The same user can login to a different machine and the mappings are correct. e.g. A drive mapping "MAP H:=.SERVER_VOL1.Servers\Acct\Audit" will appear in the login script results window as "Drive H: = SERVER\VOL1: \Acct\Audit", but in Windows Explorer, it's shown as: "VOL1 (\\Server) (H:)". Examining the contents of the H: drive will reveal the "Acct" directory.


Ensure that the MAPROOTOFF environment variable has not been defined in the Windows environment (or in the login script).

Note that "MAPROOTOFF" can be defined as anything, not just specifically "1", and it will have the same effect.  In other words, to eliminate the behavior, you have to prevent the variable from being defined at all; not just set it to "0" or similar.


On the affected workstation, the MAP ROOT behavior is in effect.

Additional Information

In the Novell Client for Windows NT 4.0 and later, the default behavior is MAP ROOT as described in, and the login script MAP documentation, at