Unable to access files when using NSS for AD Net Folders behind DFS junctions

  • 7022388
  • 28-Nov-2017
  • 20-Feb-2018


Micro Focus Filr 3.2


Active Directory provisioned users in Filr are unable to access files within a Net Folder of type OES (NSS for AD) where a folder is behind a DFS junction. The same files are accessible to eDirectory provisioned users in Filr. When this issue is observed, the following error is logged in the /var/opt/novell/filr/log/famtd.log file:

Sep 22 11:43:38 filr1 famtd[18310]: ERROR:FAMT_ReadxmlMemory: Document not parsed successfully
Sep 22 11:43:38 filr1 famtd[18310]: ERROR:NetFolder::loadXML: failed to load xml buffer, error 1
Sep 22 11:43:38 filr1 famtd[18310]: ERROR:TrusteeCacheOperations::buildTrusteeCache: Failed to load trustee file into an xml buffer


A fix for this issue is available in Filr 3.3 Update.


The NSS Trustee file for volume (VOL1.TrusteeInfo.xml) was of size 1MB (only) and XML was not complete. Where as the NCP Trustee file for the corresponding volume (*trustee_data.xml) was of a greater size (such as 1.9 MB). Filr's FAMTD read only 1MB of the trustee file and therefore led to the XML parsing error.