sudo broken after Admin Console upgrade to NAM 4.4.0 on RHEL 7.3

  • 7022372
  • 22-Nov-2017
  • 14-Dec-2017


Access Manager 4.4
Administration Console
Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.9 and 7.3 although probably effects all RHEL versions


Access Manager 4.2.2 Admin Console upgraded to Access Manager 4.4 without issues on RHEL 7.3. After upgrade Administrators could access iManager on Admin Console and view and change configurations. Users ssh'd into the Admin Console host trying to run any sudo command would see the following error:

unable to dlopen /usr/libexec/ (null
fatal error, unable to load plugins

It would appear to be related to the eDirectory 9.0 upgrade coming with 4.4 disrupting libraries used by non eDir applications.


Run the following commands on the Admin Console host as root user:

# mv /etc/  /root

# ldconfig


NAM installer creates /etc/  file which delinks the libraries it is only in case of upgrade, but in case of fresh install it does not creates the /etc/ file.