How To Change the IP Address on a Secure Messaging Gateway Server

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  • 20-Nov-2017
  • 27-Nov-2017




I need to change the IP address on my SMG server.


Here are steps on how to change the IP address on a SMG server:

  1.  Change the IP under the following two sections in the System Management web page
   a.  System Management | Manage Servers | <server.domain> | Connection address

b. Module Management | Scan Engine Manager | Message filter engine | Connection address
2. Edit the interfaces file, located in /etc/network, with the new IP.
  1. Login to the server using Putty as the gwava user
  2. To gain root access type: sudo su (when prompted type in the gwava password)
  3. Change directories by typing: cd /etc/network
  4. Edit the interfaces file by typing: vi interfaces
  5. Hit the 'insert' key to edit the file
  6. Make the change to the IP
  7. Hit Esc, then type: :wq
3. Reboot the server by typing: reboot
The server should now respond on the new IP address.