How To Change the IP Address on a Secure Messaging Gateway Server

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  • 20-Nov-2017
  • 30-Apr-2020




The IP address on the SMG server needs to be changed.


Here are steps on how to change the IP address on a SMG server:

  1.  Change the IP under the following two sections in the System Management web page
   a.  System Management | Manage Servers | <server.domain> | Connection address

b. Module Management | Scan Engine Manager | Message filter engine | Connection address
2. If using SMG on SLES do this:

a) In VAAdmin Console (https://<SMG on SLES Appliance ip or dns>:9443), select Network.

b) Click eth0 and change the IP address to the desired IP.


c) Click OK

d) Click Reboot on the top right to restart the server.

If using SMG on Ubuntu do this:

a) Edit the interfaces file, located in /etc/network, with the new IP.
  1. Login to the server using Putty as the gwava user
  2. To gain root access type: sudo su (when prompted type in the gwava password)
  3. Change directories by typing: cd /etc/network
  4. Edit the interfaces file by typing: vi interfaces
  5. Hit the 'insert' key to edit the file
  6. Make the change to the IP
  7. Hit Esc, then type: :wq
b) Reboot the server by typing: reboot
The server should now respond on the new IP address.