Secure Messaging Gateway fingerprint filter blocks DOCX as ZIP

  • 7022350
  • 17-Nov-2017
  • 27-Nov-2017


Secure Messaging Gateway


When an email comes in that has a .docx file attachment it is being blocked for .zip fingerprinting.


1. Go to the System Administration of Secure Messaging Gateway
2. Select the filter policy, which contains the fingerprint filter
3. Click on the configuration icon of the fingerprint filter
4. Remove the ZIP type
5. Add the ZIPNONAPP type
6. Save changes by clicking the save icon in the top right corner
7. Repeat the steps 2 - 6 if you have multiple filter policies with fingerprint filters in use


Because the Office XML files like DOCX, XLSX, PPTX are basically ZIP files, the file type ZIP in the fingerprint filter will detect such files as a ZIP file.
This is an intended behavior of this fingerprint file type.
But there are also cases where the user does not want to block such files while the ZIP type is added to the fingerprint filter and just want to block normal ZIP files.
Therefore the fingerprint filter of Secure Messaging Gateway offers the type ZIPNONAPP, which will be triggered if the file is a ZIP file, but is not MS Office or Open Office