Installation of Identity Apps succeeds but fails to start

  • 7022326
  • 15-Nov-2017
  • 15-Nov-2017


Identity Manager 4.5
Identity Manager 4.6


During the installation, the following error message is presented:

*** Error
There was an error configuring the application server. Please complete the installation and review the log files. Is it ok to continue?

If you click No, the installation is aborted, if you click Yes, then the installation continues and at the end it says that the installation was successful.

If you start Tomcat, the Identity Applications are not functional. It's not possible to log in to OSP nor access any of the pages.


This problem occurs when SecretStore is not installed. This component is a pre-requisite for the installation of the Identity Applications, as indicated in the IDM 4.6 Setup Guide.

The problem can be corrected by adding the component to the Identity Vault.  For more information, see Section 12.1.2, Adding SecretStore to the Identity Vault Schema of the IDM 4.6 Setup Guide.