Administration Console upgrade to version 4.4 fails with error ice.exe has stopped working Fault module xi18n.dll

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  • 14-Nov-2017
  • 14-Nov-2017


Access Manager 4.4
Access Manager 4.3
Access Manager 4.2
Windows 2k12 R2


Access Manager 4.2.2 setup and working well on Windows 2k12 R2 platform (AC, IDP and AG). With Access Manager 4.4 released, an upgrade from 4.2.2 to 4.4 was attempted on the primary AC initially. During the upgrade, the following error was shown on the console:

The eDirectory Ice application, used to extend the schema, crashes due to an issue with xi18n.dll


To resolve this issue go to Control Panel > Language > Change date time or number formats > Formats and set the format to "Match Windows display language


On an install of  Windows Server 2012 R2 in English with the keyboard in English  and with the date format in another format E.G. Spanish  . If you have the format of the date displayed in Spanish this will cause the upgrade of Access Manager to fail with the error shown above