GroupWise Archive Migration - Login unsuccessful

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  • 02-Nov-2017
  • 02-Nov-2017


Retain 4.2
Retain 4.3
Retain GroupWise Archive Migration Tool


When starting a migration with the Retain GroupWise Archive Migration Tool for multiple users the login is unsuccessful.
The value for the TAppKey is missing.

[ERROR] MultiLogin failed. User: fnurk Exception: Login unsuccessful

[INFO]  TAppKey:


  1. Find and copy the Trusted Application Key that was created for Retain
  2. Open the RetainWorker2.cfg file that is used by the Migration Tool
  3. Paste the Trusted Application Key in the line <TAKey></TAKey> between the two tags.
    e.g: <TAKey>86226081013E0000A13874B989837A2986226082013E00009867AD7E9E153613</TAKey>
  4. Save the RetainWorker2.cfg
  5. Open the MigrationToolConfigurationUtility.exe and select the RetainWorker2.cfg that contains the Trusted Application Key
  6. Select the "Conections" tab and verfiy that the Trusted Application Key is shown under "Key:"
  7. Proceed with the configuration for the migration


The Trusted Application Key is not included in the bootstrap file (RetainWorker2.cfg) that is downloaded from Retain (4.2 or newer). This should be fixed in a future release.


Reported to Engineering