What are agent artifacts and certificates?

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  • 26-Oct-2017
  • 30-Oct-2017


Change Guardian 5.0


How do i download Agent Artifacts and Certificates?
Where do Agent Artifacts and Certificates get used?


The Agent Artifacts and Certificates provide enhanced security for Change Guardian 5.0 agent installations.  To download the Agent Artifacts and Certificates and Artifacts follow the instructions below.  Once downloaded extract the files and place them in the same directory as the agent installation files. 

1.) In a web browser, access the Change Guardian web console at https://server:8443, where  server is the IP address of the Change Guardian server.
2.) When prompted , provide your Change Guardian username and Password to authenticate. 
3.) Click Integration > Agent Manager.
4.) Click All Assets > Manager Installation > Download.
5.) Select the Agent certificates and artifacts package.
6.) Specify the hostname and the IP address, and then click Start Download.
7.) Copy and extract ChangeGuardianAgentCertificates.zip file to the same directory as the Change Guardian Agent for windows file.  


Change Guardian enhanced it's security features for the 5.0 release making the agent installation more secure.