Duplicate or triplicate printer names in MC and portal with Appliance 3.1

  • 7022155
  • 24-Oct-2017
  • 22-Oct-2018


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 3.x


After upgrading from the iPrint Appliance 2.1 to 3.0, then upgrading through the patch channel to 3.1, the iPrint Appliance Management Console (https://<address>:9443) and iPrint portal page (http://<address>/print or http://<address>/ipp) list printers with duplicate, and sometimes triplicate, names. 


Call Micro Focus Support and ask the support engineer to obtain an updated lib.sh file from Bug 1112218.  After applying the updated lib.sh, run the iprint_fix_db.sh script.  Be sure to clear the browser cache to verify the problem is resolved.


Under investigation.


Reported to Engineering