Invalid user name or password, User name contains illegal characters

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  • 20-Oct-2017
  • 20-Oct-2017


Privileged Account Manager (PAM)


Attempting to login to PAM with Domain in the User Name field, i.e. MyDomain\user
Unable to login to PAM Consoles, can't login, login fails
When attempting Login, the following error is displayed: Invalid user name or password
PAM is not configured for multi domain authentication through Advanced Authentication
Framework User Manager > Default Account Settings has a configured Authentication Domain
The unifid.log reports the following:
Warning, User name contains illegal characters [DOMAIN\user]
Debug, Authentication status 401
Warning, User authentication failed for DOMAIN\<ipAddress>)


Please try logging in with just the username without the prepended domain (i.e. user instead of MyDomain\user).


User attempting to authenticate through PAM in a non multi-domain scenario where Advanced Authentication has not been configured. PAM only expects a domain format in the User Name field when configured for multi-domain authentication.