Howto Configure different logging levels for individual Apache libraries

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  • 17-Oct-2017
  • 17-Oct-2017


Access Manager 4.4
Access Gateway on Windows and Linux


Apache has a LogLevel directive that adjusts the verbosity of the messages recorded in the error logs. With NAM 4.4 and the release of Apache 2.4, an Administrator can a define a log a level with a module name will set the level for that module only, and not globally. Adding a log level without a module name will reset the level for all modules to that level.


As an example, I want to debug some authentication & authorization issues on my Access Gateway Proxy. I set LogLevel debug in the Apache configuration, either globally in httpd.conf or via the Advanced Option. This provides me with useful information from mod_proxy or the mod_novell_ag modules , but it also writes out a ton of noise from the SSL modules. By adding the following, I could remove the SSL noise

info mod_ssl.c:warn

Another example may be that I just need to enable the Access Gateway library information to debug for rewriter, identity injection or formfill related problems, and Apache proxy debug messages too as an example, but keep everything else off. I would set the LogLevel to warning or error globally but add the following:

LogLevel novell_ag:debug mod_proxy.c debug


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