IMAP not updating read/unread status properly

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  • 16-Oct-2017
  • 06-Feb-2018


GroupWise 2014 R2 Support Pack 2


IMAP accounts successfully connect and can download emails and folder structures properly. They even properly download the read/unread status from the server.  

The problem occurs when the user tries to change the read status.  (Reading a previously unread email, or marking an old email as unread).  The change from them does not reflect back on the Groupwise server.

Customer has tried both of their GWIAs, and used both Outlook and Mac Mail on the mac with no luck.  The only thing that may be related is these warnings in the GWIA log files:

18:42:16 8E38 46 "JesseI" Client 131.1 "UID STORE 35472 -FLAGS.SILENT (\Seen)"
18:42:16 8E38 46 "JesseI" Server 131.1 "BAD UID Command, state, or parameter"
18:42:21 8E38 46 "JesseI" Client 132.1 "UID STORE 35462:35467 -FLAGS.SILENT (\Seen)"
18:42:21 8E38 46 "JesseI" Server 132.1 "BAD UID Command, state, or parameter"
18:42:24 8E38 46 "JesseI" Client 133.1 "UID STORE 35470 -FLAGS.SILENT (\Seen)"
18:42:24 8E38 46 "JesseI" Server 133.1 "BAD UID Command, state, or parameter"

This use to work fine for the customer but it stopped working after upgrading to some build of 14R2. They aren't sure what build they use to be on.


This issue has been resolved in an FTF for GroupWise 2014 R2.  Please open a service request and request the FTF