Filr: Delay when opening a Net Folder

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  • 11-Oct-2017
  • 11-Oct-2017


Filr 3.2


Users experience a delay of up to 5 seconds when opening a Net Folder, before the contents are displayed.


A number of factors can influence Filr performance, including Filr Appliance utilization, memory, etc., as well as configuration options for Net Folders. One of these is the "Just in Time Synchronization" (JITS) configuration for Net Folders.

Normally, when you open a Net Folder (or a sub-folder in a Net Folder), JITS runs, ensuring that the folder contents displayed is in sync with the back-end file system. This process typically takes only a few seconds at most to complete, but it is possible to globally control how long to wait before displaying the results to user. It is also possible to entirely disable JITS  You can also enable or disable Just-in-Time synchronization on specific Net Folder Servers or Net Folders.

Disabling JITS on a particular Net Folder is a useful test to verify that JITS is causing the delay in listing folder contents, as opposed to a problem on the Filr appliance itself.

Note: Disabling JITS can lead to stale data in Filr, which can result in all clients (including desktop and mobile) not seeing new files that have been added to the back-end system. Be aware of possible undesired effects before adjusting JITS settings.

Path: https://appliance_ip_or_dns:8443 > Username > Administration Console > Net Folders > Select a Net Folder > Configuration tab 

If the "Use the Just-in-Time settings defined on the Net Folder Server" radio button is set, the Net Folder will use the settings defined on the Net Folder's parent Net Folder Server. 

To disable JITS for this Net Folder, click the "use the Just-in-Time settings defined below" radio button, then leave the "Enable Just-in-Time synchronization" checkbox unchecked.

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