Server Files and Folders Not Displayed in Reflection FTP Client

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  • 01-Nov-2001
  • 02-Mar-2018


Reflection FTP Client version 14.1 or higher


In some instances, the FTP server files and folders are not displayed in the Reflection FTP Client's right pane. This technical note describes two instances when this occurs and provides steps for resolving the issue.


Case 1 – The Problem

If, after upgrading a working Reflection FTP Client to version 14.1 or higher, the server files and folders no longer display in the right pane of the FTP Client, you will need to reconfigure the LIST command.

Modifications to the LIST Command

When generating a directory listing, Reflection FTP Client issues a LIST -a command.

This command enables the Reflection FTP Client to display hidden files; however, some FTP servers do not support the LIST -a command. If the server to which you are connecting does not support this command, you will be unable to view available server files or folders.

The Solution – Configuring the FTP Client to Use the LIST Command

To force Reflection FTP Client to use the LIST command, rather than the LIST -a command for directory listing, follow the steps below for the version of Reflection FTP you are running.

  1. If you have an active FTP connection to your FTP server, disconnect from the server.
  2. In the Connect to FTP Site dialog box, select the FTP site you need to modify, and then click Properties.
  3. Click the Directories tab, clear the "LIST command parameter()s text box, and then click OK.

Selecting the AIX server type causes the Reflection FTP Client to send the LIST command, rather than the LIST -a command.

Case 2 – The Problem

If the Reflection FTP Client has never worked on a particular server, it may be because the server does not support the PWD command. You can configure Reflection FTP Client not to send the PWD command.

No Server Support for PWD Command

The Reflection FTP Client uses PWD to determine the working directory; however, some FTP servers do not support the PWD command. In some cases, FTP administrators may disable the PWD command on highly secure systems.

If the FTP Client's server pane is blank after you connect, check the FTP Command Window for 550 errors or warnings like the following:

"550 get wd: permission denied"
"550 pwd not found"
"550 The getwd subroutine failed."

The Solution – Upgrade to and Configure Version 14.1 or Higher

Upgrade to version 14.1 or higher of the Reflection FTP Client and select the Don't send PWD check box on the Site Properties > Directories tab.

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