local/Admin user cannot access Administrative portal after password expired

  • 7022003
  • 04-Oct-2017
  • 16-Jun-2021


Net IQ Advanced Authentication Framework
Advanced Authentication
AAF 5.6


Password for local\admin account has expired and local\admin can't log in to admin portal
Unable to access Administrative Portal after Admin password expires


Login to the enrollment page and change the password.   Go to  https://myaafserver.something.whatever.com/enroll  Login as  local\admin  with the expired password and define a new password.
Another option is to login as a helpdesk user to the helpdesk page, https://myaafserver.something.whatever.com/helpdesk  Select local\admin as the managed user, and set a new password.

If login to helpdesk or enrollment portal still fails then the local\admin password can be reset by using the steps outlined in TID 7023511