Opening a New Service Request in My Support

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This technical note describes how to create a new Service Request in My Support on the Attachmate Support site.


Note the following:

  • Information is transmitted with SSL encryption and stored on secured Attachmate systems.
  • Attachmate Technical Support is notified when you create or update a Service Request.
  • For additional information about using the Attachmate My Support features, see KB 7021967.
  • Your service request information may be visible to other authorized support contacts on your account. For further information about access to My Account's Service Requests, see Technical Note 0202.

Open a New Service Request

Follow these steps to open a new Service Request on the Attachmate Support Site.

Important: To avoid losing any work, submit this page within 30 minutes, as your session in My Support ends after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you need more time, click a select icon (check-mark button) to open a select pop-up. This extends your time for another 30 minutes. (Typing and clicking other links does not count as detectable activity.)

  1. Go to Service Requests in My Support (
  2. If you are not already logged in, enter your Username and Password, and then click Log In. For more information about logging in, see KB 7021966.
  3. Click New.
  1. The Account field is automatically filled in with the primary account associated with your login name.

If you are associated with multiple accounts (such as a consultant or partner), you can select a different account by clicking the Select icon to the right of the Account field. For tips on using the selection pop-up list, refer to steps 5 - 7 below.

  1. In the Product field, enter the first part of your product name (such as Reflection or Verastream), and click Go.

Note: If the pop-up list does not appear, you may need to configure your browser to allow pop-ups and then try again.

  1. Locate your product in the pop-up list. If your product does not appear on the first page of products, click the right-scroll arrow in the far upper-right corner of the pop-up to view the next page.
  1. Click the arrow icon to the left of your product to select it. Once selected, the arrow turns blue and the row is highlighted in yellow.
  2. Click Pick (lower right).
  3. In the Version field, enter your version number, and then press the Tab key.

Note: Technical support is only provided for supported versions of your maintained products. To verify that your version is supported, click See Supported Versions to view the product support lifecycle.

  1. In the Summary field, enter a short summary of your problem.

Note the following:

    • You cannot use the keyboard to tab out of the Summary field. Click in the Description field to restore focus.
    • To view technical notes and documentation related to the summary you just entered, click View Related Solutions.
  1. Click in the Description field, and then enter details about your issue. Please include error messages, steps to duplicate the problem, the impact of the issue, and if you have a communication preference (such as mobile or pager telephone number).

Note: If you need to attach a file (trace, screen shot, etc.) to your service request, complete the service request and then see KB 7021970.

  1. Click Submit.

Your issue has now been submitted to Attachmate Technical Support.

Attachmate Technical Support is notified when you create (or update) a Service Request. After your entitlement is verified, your issue will be routed to an appropriate technician based on availability, expertise, and geographical location. For office hours and holidays, see

You will typically be notified by e-mail regarding updates by Attachmate to your service request. You may be contacted by telephone if you indicated this communication preference in your description, or if the Attachmate technician determines this is the best method.

For more information on target response times, see the Support Guide at

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