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  • 28-Mar-2008
  • 02-Mar-2018


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When accessing a system, you may see a "login," "logon," or "signon" prompt or screen. This technical note lists resources to resolve common problems regarding account usernames and passwords which are used for logging in.


Logging into Your Organization's Systems

Attachmate software products (including Reflection, EXTRA!, INFOConnect, and Verastream) are used for connecting to or managing systems. However, Attachmate does not administer the systems or accounts within your organization. Please contact your organization's Help Desk or system administrator for issues regarding lost, forgotten, reset, revoked, or expired server login user IDs and passwords (authentication security credentials).

Some Attachmate products have the ability to store your host user ID and password information (such as in a script, recorded macro, or settings file). If you need to configure or modify this data, refer to the documentation for your product at

Logging into Attachmate Web Sites

If you are having trouble logging in to a password-protected Attachmate web site, refer to the appropriate resources:

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