How to run the Report Development Utility

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  • 03-Oct-2017
  • 12-Mar-2018


Sentinel 7.4 Sentinel 8.0 Sentinel 8.1+


You can use the /opt/novell/sentinel/bin/ utility to set up the report development environment. This utility does the following:
- Opens the PostgreSQL database port so that other systems can connect to the database.
- Updates the firewall to allow connection on the PostgreSQL database port.
- Modifies the database configuration files (postgresql.conf and pg_hba) so that other applications can connect to the database. The database configuration files are located at /var/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/postgresql/data.
- Changes the rptuser password, if necessary, and saves it in an encoded format in the objcomponent. file. This password can also be changed in the database.
- Collects the required Sentinel jar files, xml files, and the keystore file for report development and creates a tar file sentineljarsforireport.tar file in the /opt/novell/sentinel/bin directory.


To run this utility:
1. Log in as novell user.
2. Change to the following directory: cd /opt/novell/sentinel/bin/
3. Run the following command: ./  A warning message is displayed, indicating that the Sentinel server will be restarted after the script is executed.
4. To continue running the script, press 1.
5. Specify the root password when prompted. The script opens the database port, updates the firewall configuration files, and modifies the configuration files and database files.
6.  When you are prompted to change the rptuser password, continue without changing the password. 
7. The Sentinel server restarts.
If you encounter any error message above, See: for workaround or contact Technical Support for further assistance.