Exchange 2016 messages stuck in drafts after Test Cutover or Cutover.

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  • 28-Sep-2017
  • 28-Sep-2017


PlateSpin Migrate 12.2


After Test Cutover or Cutover for a migrated Microsoft Exchange 2016 server to Microsoft Azure or to VMware, the users’ outgoing messages get stuck in their “Drafts” folder.

 Exchange Messages are stuck in drafts folder.


Make sure you can ping the Domain Controller from Exchange Server by FQDN and vice versa.

1. Open Exchange control Panel by navigating to https://localhost/ecp from the server itself or https://IPaddress/ecp from the browser on a different machine than the server.

2. Login as Exchange administrator e.g Domain\administrator

3. Go to servers in the left panel.

4. Under servers, edit Server Role.

5. Go to DNS lookups.

6. Check external and internal DNS settings.

7. It's normally set to "All Network adapters (All available IPv4)".

- If you migrated workload to Azure manually change both DNS settings to "Microsoft Hyper-V Network adapter".

- If you migrated workload to VMware manually change both DNS settings to "VMXNET 3".

8. Save.

9. Restart Exchange Services or Reboot Exchange Server.