How to Obtain Unisys Mainframe Identification Numbers

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  • 26-Mar-2010
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DATABridge is custom-keyed by Attachmate to each customer's Unisys system. This technical note describes how to obtain Unisys mainframe identification numbers so that valid DATABridge keys can be generated. If the identification numbers are incorrect, the mainframe will display an error message and the DATABridge software will not run.


To generate a valid DATABridge key, you must provide Attachmate with the correct system type and system serial number for the Unisys mainframe, and for certain mainframes, the Processor Type as well. If the numbers are not correct, the mainframe will display an error message, and the software will not run.

You can obtain the identification information in a few ways:

  • In CANDE, enter ?WM.
  • Or, from a MARC screen or an Operator Display Terminal, enter WM.

Below is a sample of the output from the ?WM or WM command. The identification numbers are highlighted in red text.

MCP: *SYSTEM/DELTA/MCP/53_1A_64 [MCP 12 / SSR 53.1 (53.189.8432)]
Release ID: IC MCP-053.1A.64 [53.189.064] (53.189.8432)
Halt/Load unit:  PK 500 [DISK]
Compiled:  Wednesday, June 3, 2009 @ 11:24:31 [NEWP SSR 53.1 (53.189)]
Compile time options are:

Haltload reason:    HL REQUEST
Haltload time:    Friday, June 12, 2009 (2009163) 09:56:28
Group ID:        DEFAULTNAME 
Hostname:        UNISYSLXA 
System serial number:    1631
System type:        LX7100-1005, 1 CPU
Processor type:        LX7000
Catalog level:    0 
The MCP bound language:    ENGLISH 
Controlware types saved:    NONE

Note: The Unisys Mainframe may have an identification label on the outside of the machine that displays the hardware 10-digit serial number. This is not the serial number needed for a key.

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