Using the EXTRA! Migration Wizard

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  • 09-Nov-2006
  • 01-Apr-2018


EXTRA! X-treme version 8.0 or higher


EXTRA! X-treme version 8.0 or higher includes a Migration Wizard to convert session configurations, macros, and customized keyboard maps from other formats, such as RUMBA or KEA!, to EXTRA!. This technical note describes how to use the Migration Wizard.


Note the following:

  • You must perform an administrative installation of EXTRA! to install and access the Migration Wizard.
  • The Migration Wizard does not support migration of all product versions. If your product is not supported (it doesn't appear on the "List of products configuration translators" screen, or the migration fails), you must manually recreate your settings and macros in EXTRA!.
  • Files from EXTRA! 32-bit Windows products can be opened by EXTRA! X-treme without conversion. Files from older EXTRA! 16-bit Windows products must be converted.
  1. Click Start > Programs > Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme > Migration Wizard.
  1. The Migration Wizard can translate configurations from a variety of products, including IBM Personal Communications 4.x and NetManage RUMBA, as well as other Attachmate products, such as KEA!. Select the product configurations to convert, and then click Next. (The example in this technical note shows a RUMBA migration.)
  1. The Migration Wizard identifies the configuration files based on the product selected. Click Next.
  1. The Migration Wizard displays all of the files it will convert. Clear the check boxes of any files that you don't want to convert. To browse the directories for additional files to convert, click Add Files.
  1. Click Next. The Wizard completes the conversion.
  1. The results of the migration process appear. The newly converted EXTRA! session files, macros, and keyboard maps are saved in a location specific to EXTRA!. The original configurations remain in place, unchanged. Click Finish.

Migration Notes

Depending on the files you choose to migrate, the Migration Wizard may convert similarly-named files from different directories, such as a keyboard map from one directory and a similarly-named macro file from another directory.

For RUMBA, if a potential file name conflict arises, the wizard adds the RUMBA extension .wda, .wdm, or .wdu to the name of the converted file. This is not an issue when converting a RUMBA profile to an EXTRA! X-treme session.

If a RUMBA profile has more than one host in its host configuration list, only the first host from that list gets transferred to the converted EXTRA! session.

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