InfoConnect PTR Products 16.1 and Airlines Gateway NG - Release Notes

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  • 27-Feb-2017
  • 01-Apr-2018


InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines Print and Transaction Router (PTR) version 16.1
InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines PTRPlus version 16.1
InfoConnect for Airlines PTRServer version 16.1
InfoConnect Airlines Gateway NG version 16.1


This technical note lists the features and fixes in InfoConnect Print and Transaction Router (PTR) 16.1 and Airlines Gateway NG 16.1, released in February 2017.


Security Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability to disable the option to “Retrieve and validate certificate chain” when configuring a session for TLS 1.0 or 1.2. Disabling this option adds security risks but makes it easier to move to TLS 1.2 without having to manage certificates.
  • Fixed a buffer overrun vulnerability with a long command line input parameter.
  • Added the ability to specify whether certificates presented for host authentication are checked to determine if they are valid and signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

Note: Disabling this option can make connections vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, which could compromise the security of the connection.

Resolved PTR Issues

General Fixes that Apply to Multiple Environments

  • Fixed problems with importing Gateway & PTR DBed from 9.2 or earlier versions into 16.0 (and greater) versions.
  • Fixed problems that caused a Windows Document Printer to occasionally become unresponsive.
  • Corrected a problem with device initialization when a large initialization message (such as one that contains a graphic) is used.
  • Fixed problems with the Generic Socket Printer Library to allow better error recovery in applications.
  • Corrected problems with the PTR Route Wizard creating NZATB printer paths.
  • Fixed a problem with TCPFRAD document printing that caused PTR to crash.
  • Fixed problems with the PTR Route Wizard configuring the Host Path for UTS or ALC terminals after configuring the NZATB printer queue.
  • PTR no longer crashes if two sessions are configured to use the same Com Port.

SITA Environment Fixes

  • BTP device initializations are now allowed to include a "QS" command.
  • Corrected delays in opening devices when their neighboring PTR devices do not have their corresponding workstations turned on.

ARINC Environment Fixes

  • Changed the default DPS string generation so that it is based on the workstation name. This should allow cleaner locking.
  • Changed the SetMode for DCPs to be bi-directional to prevent unsolicited status from the ARINC platform.
  • Fixed problems with adding a name when there is a list of pending sessions.

Other Resolved Issues

  • Fixed problems with the focus on the passport dialog box that appears when a passenger passport is swiped. The user no longer has to click on the dialog before pressing Enter.
  • Added support to the Aer Lingus utilities for the "/DEBUG" command line parameter to produce an optional .dbg file for troubleshooting.
  • Added support for the new Irish passport to ei-ocr.exe.

Resolved Gateway Issues

  • PKI options for Host Path "MATIP-ALC", "MATIP-UTS" & "TCPFRAD" are now "Disabled" when "No security" is selected.
  • In the TCPFRAD Host Path configuration, the “Cnf file (optional)” box is now "BLANK" and all missing mnemonic keys in the "Path" tab are assigned.

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