Making Reserved Keycodes Available for Use in Reflection X Advantage

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  • 28-Nov-2012
  • 24-Mar-2018


Reflection X Advantage version 4.2 or higher


Starting with Reflection X Advantage 4.2, you can create and edit customized keyboard maps and apply these to your Reflection X Advantage server settings. By default some keycodes are not available for mapping because of incompatibility with certain X clients. This note describes which applications require the reserved keycodes and how to make a keycode available if you are not using one of the affected applications.


Default Reserved Keycodes

Some system applications ignore the contents of the keymap and intercept particular keycodes. To prevent keys from being inadvertently mapped to such a keycode value, Reflection X is configured by default to prevent the following keycodes from being mapped.

Reserved Keycode
Incompatibility Information
SLES 10 XDMCP screen saver unlock
SuSE 10, RHEL 5
SuSE 10 Gnome Terminal
SuSE 10 Gnome Terminal

Making Reserved Keycodes Available for Use

If you need additional keycodes and the information in the Incompatibly Information column does not apply to you, you can remove keycodes from the list to make them available for mapping. To do this:

  1. From X Manager or X Manager for Domains, click Tools > Keyboard Maps.
  2. In the Select Keyboard Map list, select an editable keyboard map (or select a template from the list and press Clone to create an editable keyboard based on that template).
  3. Click the Reserved Keycodes tab.
  4. Select a keycode from the reserved keycodes list and click the red minus sign.

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