Reflection 14.1 Installation Stops If Reflection NFS Client 14.0.x Is Detected

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  • 03-Jun-2010
  • 31-Mar-2018


Reflection for HP version 14.1
Reflection for IBM version 14.1
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS version 14.1
Reflection X version 14.1
Reflection NFS Client version 14.0.x


Reflection 14.1 products cannot be installed in the same directory as the Reflection NFS Client 14.0.x. If Reflection NFS is detected, the Reflection 14.1 installation stops and the following error displays, "Installation of this product will be compromised because of incompatibility with one or more products." This technical note describes how to work around this error.

Note: Beginning in version 14.1, the Reflection NFS Client version 14.0.x is no longer available and will not be updated. You may retain and continue to use the Reflection NFS Client pursuant to the NFS Continuity Agreement. For more information about Reflection NFS Client product status and the NFS Continuity Agreement, see KB 7021729.



You may continue to use a previous installation of the Reflection NFS Client version 14.0.x with new Reflection 14.1 installations; however, they must each be installed to different directories.

If your Reflection 14.1 installation stops because the Reflection NFS Client is installed in the same directory, you have two options:

  • Restart the Reflection 14.1 installation and choose a different install directory.
  • Or, uninstall the Reflection NFS Client and then restart the Reflection 14.1 installation. (You can then install Reflection NFS Client to a different directory.)

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