Application Error Starting Reflection 14.x on Citrix Presentation Server 4

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  • 02-Mar-2006
  • 01-Apr-2018


Reflection for HP version 13.0 through 14.x
Reflection for ReGIS Graphics version 13.0 through 14.x
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS version 13.0 through 14.x
Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server version 4
Microsoft Windows Server 2003


Reflection for Windows products on a Citrix Presentation Server 4 with the Virtual Memory Optimization feature enabled will not run and will generate an error message saying that Reflection failed to initialize.

Symptoms may be present in the following Reflection for Windows products: Reflection for HP, Reflection for ReGIS Graphics, and Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS.

Reflection fails to start and generates an application error message saying that it failed to initialize. This message may appear in module WIXMSI.

Or, Reflection runs for a while and then begins to fail. Uninstalling and reinstalling Reflection or rebooting the server may get Reflection to work again.

Note: This issue does not affect Reflection X or Reflection FTP.


Add the Reflection application file name to the application exclusion list for the Virtual Memory Optimization feature in MetaFrame Presentation Server 4. Use the application file name appropriate for your product:

Application File Name
Reflection for HP
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS
Reflection for Regis Graphics

The exclusion list is located in the Presentation Server Console under the Farm properties in the Memory Optimization section.


MetaFrame Presentation Server 4 includes a feature called Virtual Memory Optimization. The optimization feature logs DLLs and EXEs that need to be optimized. The optimization program runs once a day, optimizing the DLLs and EXEs that have been logged. For more information, see:

In the FAQ linked above, Citrix notes that some programs may not work correctly after being optimized. It is recommended that these applications be excluded from optimization if any issues occur.

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