Reflection Virtual Desktop: Status and Alternatives

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  • 02-Oct-2003
  • 01-Apr-2018


All Reflection Windows-Based Products version 13.0 through 14.0 SP7


Beginning in version 14.1, the Reflection Virtual Desktop (RVD) utility is no longer available. (Version 13.0 through 14.0 SP7 are available for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows NT only, but are not available for Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server, or Windows XP.) This note describes the support status of RVD, and provides alternatives to RVD in Windows XP.


RVD and Windows Operating Systems

The installation program for Reflection 13.0 and higher automatically detects the computer's operating system and proceeds in the following manner based on which operating system is detected.

Note: Beginning in version 14.1, the Reflection Virtual Desktop (RVD) utility is no longer available.

In Windows Vista, Reflection X version 14.0 SP2 through 14.0 SP7 can be installed, but RVD will not install.

In Windows XP, Reflection 13.0 through 14.0 SP7 can be installed, but RVD will not install. If an earlier version of RVD is detected, it is automatically uninstalled during the upgrade.

In Windows 2000 or Windows NT, Reflection 13.0 through 14.x and RVD can be installed.

RVD Support Status

Attachmate Technical Support will continue to provide support for Reflection Virtual Desktop issues, pursuant to Attachmate’s product support lifecycle policies; however, this product is no longer being developed, and no patches or fixes will be provided.

For full information regarding the product lifecycle policy and terminology, see the Attachmate Product Support Lifecycle at

Attachmate is in the process of evolving its products as the market evolves. As a result, several utilities are being phased out for the following reasons:

  • Since these utilities were designed to optimally run on older versions of the Windows operating system, many of them are not compatible with newer versions of Windows. It would require a significant amount of development and testing to make these relatively small, discrete utilities available for general distribution on future Microsoft operating system releases.
  • Much of the functionality provided in RVD is readily available from Microsoft, third-party vendors, or video card manufacturers.
  • Overall demand for RVD has greatly decreased over the past several years. This is most likely due to the wide availability of other free solutions in circulation.

Alternatives to RVD

Some alternative options for Reflection Virtual Desktop are listed below. This is not an all-inclusive list and is provided only as a resource for users requiring alternative options for RVD. Note: Attachmate does not certify or endorse any third-party product.

  • The Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager is included in Microsoft's PowerToys for Windows XP, and can be obtained from Microsoft's website:

Note: Microsoft's PowerToys are only supported on Windows XP.

  • Several third-party virtual desktop manager applications are available and run on a variety of operating systems, including Windows 2003 Server and Vista. To locate third-party applications, access an internet search engine and search for "virtual desktop manager."
  • Some multi-display video cards come with virtual desktop managers. If you have one of these cards, check your user guide or contact the hardware vendor to determine if a virtual desktop manager is included with the card.

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