Upgrading Verastream Process Designer

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  • 02-May-2013
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Verastream Process Designer


This technical note describes how to upgrade Verastream Process Designer (VPD) from an earlier version to R5 or higher.


Upgrading from R5 or Higher to a Later Version

Follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. Install the latest VPD version over your existing VPD installation.
  2. A message confirms that a previous installation has been detected. Choose Yes (on Windows) or enter ‘y’ (on Linux/UNIX) to continue.
  3. The installation completes with a message indicating its success.

Note: If you had processes deployed with persistence enabled, each execution instance was saved in the database. After you upgrade, these instances will no longer be available.

Upgrading Projects Containing Email or Log Extension Activities to R6 or Higher

In VPD R6, a new activity was added to the extension activities available from the Palette, RESTful, which enables you to invoke RESTful services. Along with the new extension activity, you can now use XPath expressions directly from within the Property panels for extension activities. You no longer need to use copy rules and Assign activities to use an XPath expression.

This new feature requires you to follow the steps below and re-deploy any project containing a Log or Email extension activity. If you do not do so, your project may not work properly and errors will be recorded in the Process Server log file.

  1. Open the project containing the extension activity in Design Studio. A message displays informing you that the project has been upgraded.
  2. Delete any copy rules that set an extension property.
  3. Select the extension activity (Log or Email) in the BPEL Editor. This opens the Properties panel for the activity.
  4. Open the XPath Expression Editor and add XPath expressions directly to the text field for each property.
  5. Save the project and re-deploy.

Note: Beginning in R6+SP1, if you want to access your existing projects as RESTful services, and you are using simple types for inputs and outputs, then you have to modify the types; simple types must be changed to complex types. New projects use complex inputs and outputs by default. For more information, see the help topic Exposing Your Project as a RESTful Service.

Upgrading from R4+SP1 or Earlier to R5 or Higher

Beginning with Verastream Process Designer R5, VPD is a 64-bit product; past versions were 32-bit products. To upgrade to R5 or higher, follow these steps.

  1. Start the installation.
  2. When you install the version R5 or higher of Verastream Process Designer, you are prompted to approve the removal of the previous version before the installation completes. On Windows, all Process Designer projects are saved in the My Documents folder and are not touched during the upgrade process.
  3. After the new installation is complete, you must redeploy your projects using either the Process Server Command Line (PSCLI) utility or the Design Studio.

Certificates are Preserved

When you upgrade VPD from R4+SP1 or earlier, existing certificates (installed with the previous version) are maintained, such as those used for HTTPS web services. You must perform a new installation of R5 or higher to generate SHA-256 certificates with 2048-bit keys, which meet updated US federal government information processing standards.

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