Setting Advanced E-Mail Properties in the Process Server

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  • 27-Sep-2012
  • 25-Mar-2018


Verastream Process Designer R5 or higher


This technical note describes additional advanced e-mail server properties that you can manually add to the Process Server's file in Verastream Process Designer.


In addition to the e-mail properties that you can configure as described in the product documentation, you can manually add the following properties to the file:

mail.smtp.socketFactory.port - Specifies the port to connect to when using the specified socket factory. If not set, the default port is used.

mail.smtp.socketFactory.class - If set, specifies the name of a class that implements the interface. This class will be used to create SMTP sockets.

mail.smtp.socketFactory.fallback - If set to true, failure to create a socket using the specified socket factory class will cause the socket to be created using the class. Defaults to true.

The property descriptions above were provided by the JavaMail API documentation web site:

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