RCL and Reflection Basic in Future Reflection Products

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  • 30-Mar-2000
  • 01-Apr-2018


Reflection for HP version 14.x
Reflection for IBM version 14.x
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS version 14.x
Reflection for ReGIS Graphics version 14.x


Starting with version 7.0, Reflection products use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as the primary language for automating tasks. This technical note outlines the support available for Reflection Basic and Reflection Command Language (RCL) in current and future versions of Reflection products.


Support for Reflection Basic

Attachmate is no longer enhancing Reflection Basic functionality; however, as new methods and properties are added to future versions of Reflection, we will make them available to both Reflection Basic and VBA.

Version 7.0 or higher Reflection products support Reflection Basic with the same functionality available in previous versions, except that the Script menu, which provides access to the Reflection Basic Editor, has been replaced in version 7.0 by the Macro menu, which provides access to the Visual Basic Editor. For instructions on restoring the Script menu to the Reflection interface, see KB 7021617.

At this time, Attachmate plans to continue support for Reflection Basic in future Reflection products at the same level available in version 7.0. While Attachmate recommends that new scripts or macros be written in VBA, you are not required to convert Reflection Basic scripts to VBA macros to use Reflection version 7.0. Reflection Basic scripts will still work.

If you have existing Reflection Basic scripts that you'd like to convert to VBA macros, you have two options:

Support for RCL

Attachmate no longer develops RCL, but will continue to support RCL in future releases of the following Reflection products: Reflection for HP, Reflection for ReGIS Graphics, and Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS.

As with Reflection Basic, new scripts or macros should be written using VBA. If needed, you can convert existing RCL files to Reflection Basic scripts using the RCL to Reflection Basic Translator (Rcl2rb.zip) available from the Attachmate download library.

VBA Resources

For information on using VBA with Reflection, consult your Reflection documentation and online help.

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