Obtaining CMS Pipelines for IBM Mainframes

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  • 30-Mar-2000
  • 01-Apr-2018


Reflection for IBM version 11.0 through 14.x
VM versions prior to VM/ESA V1R1M1 (CMS 8)


This technical note explains how to obtain and install the Pipelines modules that allow you to use Reflection to print and send mail from OfficeVision (PROFS). This note complements the Reflection for IBM System Administrator Guides with information for versions of VM that do not support the Pipelines commands.


Reflection's Print and Mail Utilities

Reflection's 3270 print utility, Wrqprint, enables you to print notes, calendars, and mail from IBM's office program, OfficeVision/VM (PROFS). You also can use Wrqprint to print files from the host command line and Filelist without having to establish a 3270 printer session.

Reflection's 3270 mail utility, Wrqmail, enables you to send PROFS-based mail, notes, and calendars as electronic mail directly from IBM's office program, PROFS. You can also use Wrqmail to send text-based files and electronic mail directly from the host command line.

System Requirements for Wrqprint and Wrqmail

Wrqprint and Wrqmail work only on CMS hosts. Before you can use either Wrqprint or Wrqmail, a set of modules called CMS Pipelines must be installed on the host. These modules redirect the data so that you can use Reflection to print from OfficeVision/VM (PROFS).

To determine if Pipelines is installed on your mainframe, type the following command on the host command line:


If the host returns an unknown command error, you need to obtain and install Pipelines by following the instructions below.

Obtaining CMS Pipelines

Follow these steps to obtain and install CMS Pipelines.

  1. This site provides tips for downloading and applying the pipes modules:


Help files and other Pipelines references are also available.

  1. From the Pipelines File Distribution home page, select CMS Pipelines Runtime Library Distribution.
  2. Download two MODULE files: the bootstrap module and the main module.

If you need additional assistance with Reflection after you install Pipelines, contact Attachmate technical support. For contact information, see https://support.microfocus.com/contact/.

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