Configuring the Terminal Bell Sound in Reflection for Windows

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  • 16-Jun-1999
  • 01-Apr-2018


Reflection for HP version 13.0 through 14.x
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS version 13.0 through 14.x
Reflection for ReGIS Graphics version 13.0 through 14.x


Reflection may be configured to use a warning bell or margin bell sound, but in some cases the bell cannot be heard. This technical note explains how to configure Reflection so that you can hear the bell.

On computers with multimedia support or sound cards, the default sound used for the bells may not be clearly audible. This technical note will help you configure Reflection to use a different sound.


Confirming the Windows Default Beep Setting

By default, Reflection uses the sound configured in Windows Control Panel. Make sure that Windows is configured to make a sound.

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel > Sound (or Sounds and Audio Devices on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003).
  2. On the Sounds tab, select Default Beep in the Program Events box and check that this is set to something other than None. (The default sound name is Windows Ding.wav.)
  3. To hear the sound, click the Test or Play sound (triangle) button.

Configuring Reflection's Terminal Sound

Reflection's Terminal Sound defaults to the Simple setting, which uses the currently configured Windows Default Beep. Many users prefer the built-in Reflection sounds, which match the beep sounds made by the different terminals. Follow these steps to choose a different terminal beep sound:

  1. Start Reflection.
  2. On the Setup menu, click View Settings.
  3. In the Reflection Settings list, select Terminal Sound. (You can enter this setting name into the Search box.)
  4. In the Settings Details box, click the drop-down list to see the other options available in your copy of Reflection. If you are using Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS, you may want to select VT220. If you are using Reflection for HP, you may want to select HP70092.
  5. After you have made your selection, click OK.
  6. Test the terminal beep.
  7. To save this change to your current settings file, click Save on the File menu.

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