No Printer Output: Troubleshooting Tips

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  • 14-Jul-1999
  • 01-Apr-2018


Reflection for HP version 13.0 through 14.x
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS version 13.0 through 14.x
Reflection for ReGIS Graphics version 13.0 through 14.x


This technical note provides suggestions for troubleshooting when printer output does not appear.


Printing with Reflection

Printing from a Windows application involves the printer, Windows, and the host application, as well as Reflection. When printer output does not appear at all, the problem is usually between the PC and the printer, rather than with the host data stream. This technical note provides troubleshooting steps for the printer, Windows, and Reflection.

If you are using compressed printing (more than 80 characters per line), see KB 7021601.

Printer Problems

When there is no printer output, the first thing to do is to ensure that the printer itself is functioning correctly.

  • Is the printer online? The light on the front panel should be illuminated.
  • Press the Self Test button (found on the front panel of most printers). If this does not produce a test page, something is wrong with your printer hardware.
  • If you're using a serial connection to the printer (COM1 or COM2), make sure the baud rate specified under Windows matches that of your printer.
  • If you're printing over a network, can other users print to the same printer? If they can, go to the Printing from Windows section of this document. If no one can print, check the network print queue. Is output in the print queue preventing your file from printing? If so, contact your system administrator for help.

If the printer seems to be in working order, go to the next section, Printing from Windows.

Printing from Windows

If the printer and the network print queue are working, the next step is to ensure that Windows is configured correctly.

  • Can you print from a Windows application such as Notepad? If not, then there is a problem with Windows.
  • If this is a shared printer, can other users print to the same printer? Check to see how they have configured Windows for this printer.
  • Try selecting the Generic/Text Only printer driver in Windows Printer Setup. This may require obtaining the driver from the Windows disks.

Printing from Reflection

If both the printer and Windows printing function correctly, try the following to ensure Reflection is configured correctly:

  • In Reflection, click Print Setup on the File menu and confirm that the correct printer is selected.
  • Make sure that the Close Printer button is not shown in Reflection.

Click File on the main menu and see if the Close Printer command is available; if it is, click it to close the printer.

  • Press Alt-Y to open the Reflection command window, type some text, and click Print on the File menu. If this works, then the problem is with a Reflection setting in either the Print Setup or Page Layout dialog box.
  • Print from Reflection by clicking Print on the File menu.
  • If you can print from Reflection, click Print Setup on the File menu and select Bypass Windows Print Driver.

Note: Do not select Bypass Windows Print Driver if you are trying to print to a Postscript printer. Selecting this option for a Postscript printer typically causes no printer output.

Still Unable to Print?

If you still have questions about printing, please contact your local Attachmate Technical Support provider. Before contacting Attachmate technical support, please have the following available:

  • A paper copy of the failed print job from another source (if possible).
  • The model of the printer.
  • The type of PC-to-printer connection (for example, COM port or LPT port).
  • The Reflection product and version.
  • If you are attempting host-initiated printing, get an event trace. For instructions on how to perform a trace, see KB 7021622.

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