X2P Target Discovery Failed: "Linux job did not complete successfully"

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  • 22-Sep-2017
  • 22-Sep-2017


PlateSpin Migrate 12.X


- The target server registration fails with: "Message: Linux job did not complete successfully"

- From the stack trace, you will be able to see the exception shown below:

"Exception caught in Controller.Execution.Action.run() System.Exception: Linux job did not complete successfully at PlateSpin.Athens.Operations.Machine.DiscoverTarget.DiscoverUnderLinuxControlMachineDetailsAction.GetMachineInfoFromLinuxUnderControlJob(IActionContext context, String controllerId, String machineId) at PlateSpin.Athens.Operations.Machine.DiscoverTarget.DiscoverUnderLinuxControlMachineDetailsAction.Execute(IActionContext context) at PlateSpin.OperationsFramework.Controller.Execution.Action.run(Boolean rollback) Action status: Failed"


To workaround the issue, kindly refer to the troubleshooting steps below.

- On the target machine under PlateSpin Take Control, run command: fdisk -l. If it does not provide any information, this can mean that there might be no storage assigned to the physical target or the disks are not recognized by the PlateSpin Take Control ISO.

- Download the correct storage controller driver for SLES 11 SP3(the version which PlateSpin Take Control ISO is based)

- Inject the driver to the PlateSpin Take Control ISO as per this KB article: 7005990 

- Reattempt discovery by booting the target with the updated PlateSpin Take Control ISO


This issue generally happens when the disks attached on the target machine are not recognized by the PlateSpin Take Control ISO.