Debug Output for Verastream Host Integrator Service Startup

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  • 30-May-2008
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Verastream Host Integrator version 7.0 or higher


If a Verastream Host Integrator service (such as session server) is unable to start, you can generate atstart debug logs for troubleshooting.


Startup Problem Troubleshooting

In Verastream Host Integrator (VHI), the atstart command is used to start and stop many services. The syntax for manually running atstart is described in KB 7021352.

To determine whether services are started, see KB 7021540.

Startup problems typically do not generate errors or warnings in Log Manager runtime logging. However, you can generate atstart debug logs to troubleshoot startup problems.

Startup Debug Logs

To generate atstart debug logs, insert an additional parameter as the first option on the atstart executable command line. The parameter options are as follows:

Generates limited debug output files
Displays Java console output
(Recommended) Generates verbose debug output files

The following components use atstart:

Log Manager service
Session Server service
Management Server service Note: Management Server on Windows is not started with atstart.
Web Server (Apache Tomcat) for running Java web projects generated by Web Builder. Note: Applies to version 7.1 SP2 and earlier. In versions 7.0 through 7.1 SP2, this component is installed on Windows only.
Host Emulator service to simulate a host for demonstration, training, or testing purposes. Note: Applies to version 6.6 and earlier. Beginning in version 7.0, Host Emulator on Windows is not started with atstart.


The following example demonstrates generating verbose debug output files when starting the Log Manager service.

Version 7.x on Windows: C:\Program Files\Attachmate\Verastream\HostIntegrator\bin\atstart_logmngr.exe -d2 -start logmgr

Version 7.x on UNIX/Linux: /opt/attachmate/verastream/hostintegrator/bin/atstart -d2 -start logmgr

Note: You must manually start services individually in the order described in KB 7021352.

Output Files

The atstart.debug.out file is written in the %VHI_ROOT%/etc directory (on Windows, typically C:\Program Files\Attachmate\Verastream\HostIntegrator\etc).

Log Manager (and Web Server in version 7.1 SP2 or earlier) generates an additional atstart.<component>.java.out file, where <component> is the service component name from the table above.

If the files already exist, additional messages are appended with time stamps.

To troubleshoot service startup problems, examine the generated output files in a text editor or provide the files to Technical Support.

Alternative Troubleshooting Tools

For troubleshooting startup of certain components, use alternative logging tools:

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