AltGr Key May Not Work Properly in Reflection 2014

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  • 14-Mar-2014
  • 02-Mar-2018


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In Reflection 2014, the AltGr key (the right Alt key) may not work properly in IBM, VT, or 6530 terminal displays.

AltGr is a modifier key found on many computer keyboards and is primarily used to type certain international characters, such as currency symbols (for example, the euro currency symbol) and accented letters.

In the original release of Reflection 2014 products, pressing a key combination with the right Alt (or AltGr) key does not produce the expected character in your IBM, VT, or 6530 terminal display.

This issue exists in Reflection 2014 products that were downloaded between 20-Feb-2104 and 14-Mar-2014.

The affected product version and the fixed product version are the same: R1 (, so to determine if your installed Reflection 2014 product is affected, locate the Attachmate.Utilities.KeyboardMapper.dll file in the product installation directory and note the file date.

File Date: 05-Feb-2014 
Not Affected 
File Date: 11-Mar-2014 


To resolve this issue, do one of the following:

Note that the file date displayed on the product download page is 14-Mar-2014 or later.


Reflection 2014 products provide a keyboard mapping utility that enables you to manually map keys. You can use the utility to map the failing key combination; once mapped, the key combination will work. For detailed information, see KB 7021516.

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