Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On 16.1 - New Features and Release Notes

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  • 27-Feb-2017
  • 02-Mar-2018


Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On version 16.1


This technical note describes new features in Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On 16.1, released in February 2017.


Installation Instructions

The base and add-on products must be updated to the same version. First, update your Reflection Desktop product (as described in Technical Note 2892). Then, install the update to the Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On.

New Features

Key Enhancements

  • The ability to customize the log file name for NonStop sessions using variables to specify host name, session name and the date has been added.
  • Added support for using Reflection Desktop 6530 sessions with the Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS).
  • Added support for selecting a word in a terminal session by double clicking on it.
  • Added support to select hotspots by pressing Control and then double clicking.
  • HLLAPI functions 103 and 104 are now implemented for 6530 terminals
  • Added the ability to change the color of the cursor by choosing a color for the Cursor item in the Text Color Mapping list.
  • Added support for making selections with the Shift button and mouse keys. The Shift+Left-Mouse-Button extends a selection. If nothing is selected, the area from the cursor location to where the user clicks is selected. Support was also added for using the Alt+Left-Mouse-Button to select a rectangular area

Resolved Issues

  • Cursor movement over areas with text in a 6530 terminal session is now consistent with cursor movement over areas with no text.
  • When uploading a native 6530 Tandem file in OSS mode with an SFTP file transfer, Reflection now automatically appends a “,101” to the file name, which is the standard file type code for a Tandem edit file.
  • Selecting text on 6530 terminals when using a block- shaped cursor now works correctly.
  • When scrolling in a 6530 terminal session, the text now moves with the scroll bar as expected.
  • When a session is in block mode with no cursor displayed, the Quick Keys now work as expected.
  • When metering a 6530 terminal session, the End Status/Elapsed Time of the session is now reported correctly.
  • When using a 6530 terminal in conversational mode, the mouse can now be used to place the cursor anywhere in screen memory.
  • The user can now switch between 6530 terminal sessions while the paste operation for large quantities of data is running in another 6530 terminal.
  • A 6530 terminal session connected via SSH with autowrap set to OFF no longer disconnects during frequent screen updates.
  • Performing a “search and replace” with a large file open in Tedit no longer causes crashes or host file corruption.
  • Problems that caused screen artifacts to be displayed in some circumstances have been fixed.
  • The cursor is now in the correct location after moving from block to conversational mode.
  • Pasting performance has been improved.

Additional Information

Legacy KB ID

This document was originally published as Attachmate Technical Note 2894.