Upgrading Reflection 2014 from an Evaluation Copy to a Licensed Copy

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  • 26-Apr-2012
  • 02-Mar-2018


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To upgrade Reflection 2014 from an evaluation copy to a licensed copy, you should first uninstall the evaluation copy. Customizations you made with the evaluation copy are preserved and will be available to you after you install the licensed version.


To upgrade Reflection from an evaluation copy to a licensed copy, follow the steps below. These same steps apply whether or not your evaluation copy has expired.
  1. Uninstall the evaluation copy.

Note: This step is required if your licensed product is not identical to the product you evaluated.

    • You can skip this step if you evaluated Reflection 2014 or Reflection Pro 2014 and then purchased the same product. In this case the installer can upgrade your existing installation.
    • If you try to install a different licensed product over your evaluation, the installer displays a message telling you that you need to uninstall the evaluation product before you can proceed.
  1. Download the installation program for the licensed version of your product from the download site. When you run this program, you'll be asked for a location to unzip the installer files. Select a location for the installer files, and then click Next. This extracts the files to the specified location and starts the Attachmate Setup program.

When the installation is complete all customized settings and files that you created with the evaluation copy will be available with the licensed copy of Reflection.

Administrative Installation

If you tested Reflection by performing an administrative installation and creating a transform with the Attachmate Customization Tool using an evaluation copy, Attachmate recommends that you create a new administrative installation, a new transform, and new customizations to deploy the licensed copy of Reflection. You do not need to recreate any document and settings files you created using the evaluation; just add them to the new transform.

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