Duplicate jar files after 2017 appliance update

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  • 08-Sep-2017
  • 09-Oct-2017


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017


After upgrading primary appliance to 2017 duplicate jars remain in some folders.  When duplicate jars exist in a class path, a  variety of problems can be seen randomly.

May affect Patch Management in ZCC:


May affect security policy in ZCC:


May affect agent:

/opt/novell/zenworks/zmd/java/lib/plugins folder contains jars with 17.0.0 in the name and also the same named jar with 11.4.x

zac agp may show improper version:

Patch Management                        Enabled
Remote Management                   17.0.0                  Enabled
Bundle Management                   11.4.3                  Enabled
Policy Management                   17.0.0                  Enabled
Inventory Management                17.0.0                  Enabled


Stop the ZENworks services.  

Move the older versions of the duplicate jar out of the ZENworks folders.  

Note that a jar with the same name one having 17 is newer for version 2017 than the older with 11.4 in the name.

Ensure that there is a duplicate.  Restart the ZENworks services.

Note:  For agent jars, stop and start the xplat agent with --osgiclean.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Note:  The symptoms may vary due to the way the jars are loaded, whether the older or newer jar is actually loaded into the jvm at runtime.